[Hackable1-dev] First images from the build bot

Pierre Pronchery ppronchery at bearstech.com
Tue Jan 6 13:20:50 CET 2009

			Dear developers,

I have setup the first automated build bot this morning. It
currently generates three images each day around 4:00am:
- Openmoko Freerunner flash JFFS2 image (PURPOSE=user)
- Openmoko Freerunner MicroSD tar gzipped image (PURPOSE=developer)
- Openmoko Neo1973 flash JFFS2 image (PURPOSE=user, still does not fit)

The images are found here:

They are built using fakeroot instead of sudo, so I doubt they will
work as-is. I have a couple work-arounds in mind:
- generate /dev upon first boot (hoping init will start),
- put the build bot user into as many groups as possible,
- generate dropbear keys upon first boot...

Your help is welcome for the rest if you want to get rid of root
privileges while building :)

I will set fakeroot by default in the script when it works as well as
with sudo.

Pierre Pronchery, Hackable devices R&D, Bearstech
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