[Hackable1-user] announcement micro browser project woosh

Marcus Bauer mbauer at bearstech.com
Tue Apr 21 14:02:10 CEST 2009

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still going on to bring hackable:1 to a more and more usable
distribution I have created a little browser for the Neo named "woosh".
It is very fast and highly optimised for a small screens making the Neo
for the first time well usable as an internet device. Woosh is based on
webkit thus complex webpages are viewable too.

So far I have been using it for three weeks (eat your own dogfood!) and
think that it is useful for you too. I have been using it both with
GPRS connections as well as with wifi.

The features:
 * bookmarks
 * simple gestures
 * quick access to all important functions as
   - go back/forward
   - add bookmark
   - toggle auto image load -> useful when on GPRS vs. wifi
   - toggle javascript -> useful when on heavy web2.0 pages
   - rotate landscape / portrait
   - toggle fullscreen
 * page caching in memory during a session for quick navigation
   of the history

The browser starts in amazingly little time of 6 seconds that's why I
called it woosh!

slide the finger to the left over the screen: go back
slide the finger to the right over the screen: go forward

All in all it is pretty much fun to use. 

As always your feedback is appreciated. Last not least, please add to
the wiki page all those websites that are optimised for mobile usage.

The screenshots and downloads are here:


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