[Hackable1-user] How to enable deep sleep mode after hardware fix #1024

David Wagner deubeuliou at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 11:59:37 CET 2010

rixed at happyleptic.org a écrit :
> Hello !
> I just got my FR fixed for #1024 bug.
> Now to experience a longer battery life I suppose I have to change
> some setting somewhere to enable GSM deepest sleep mode.
> Do you know how to do that ?
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I updated gsmd to enable the deep sleep.
This is done by copy-pasting the "ti" vendor profile and modifying
"AT%SLEEP=2" by "AT%SLEEP=4" into a new "ti-deepsleep" profile.

So, how to update ?
If you are using the WIP repositories, you can apt-get update and
install gsmd.
If you are using the rev5 repos, download and install (or extract)

After that, edit /etc/default/gsmd and uncomment the
"VENDOR=ti-deepsleep" line: this will add a "-v ti-deepsleep" to the
deamon command line. Restart gsmd.

(I wanted to provide a gsmd-deepsleep package to replace the gsmd
package but did not find a clean way to do it well)

Tell me how it goes :) Here, after 9 hours, there still was 80% of the
battery remaining ; after 18h, still 60%. That means >45h battery life \o/


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